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We also found that at higher frequencies, the RF signal experiences 4-6 d B more attenuation in soil than air.

The exact value depends on the frequency and antenna polarization type.

Therefore, we hypothesize that ACS gene might play an important role in poplar plants in mitigating stresses resulting from pollutant exposure.

The homolog of poplar ACC synthase gene was PCR amplified from Arabidopsis thaliana and cloned into p BINmgfp5-er vector, featuring a constitutive cauliflower mosaic virus promoter removing the native jellyfish green fluorescent (GFP) gene.

The pollutant absorbing capacity will be tested by placing the transformed T3 plants in an environmental gas chamber where they will be exposed to various levels of pollutants.

The ability of the transformed plants to absorb pollutants will be evaluated by performing gas chromatography mass spectrometry analyses to measure pollutants in the inlet and outlet airflow in order to quantify the pollutant deposition rate.

This study was carried out in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Division of Earth Sciences.

We also measured RF signal strength as we changed the vertical distances between the two antennas.To achieve this goal we genetically transformed Arabidopsis thaliana with an ACS (Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase) gene.Using quantitative real-time PCR (q PCR), we previously confirmed that the ACS gene was upregulated in poplar (Populus trichocarpa) plants when exposed to environmental pollutants including ozone and methyl vinyl ketone.In the second part of our experiment, we used regular gardening soil mostly composed of organic matter, perlite and vermiculite.Vermiculite keeps the soil hydrated and is part of the clay minerals group. In both cases, we maintained the temperature at 23 degrees Celsius.

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