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Fred and Mick, two old friends, are on vacation in an elegant hotel at the foot of the Alps. While Mick scrambles to finish the screenplay for what he imagines will be his last important film, Fred has no intention of resuming his musical career. The film opens as South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone leave New York City and the opening night of their Broadway production The Book of Mormon (2011) to return to Culver City, Los Angeles to begin the fifteenth season of South Park.

Ballard, a fifty-eight year old psychiatrist/acclaimed author, played by Eric Roberts. When they realize help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across the wilderness....

Val, a young, middle-class woman with a strong desire for sex, finds herself destitute after an abusive boyfriend runs off with all her money, and begins to earn a living as a high-class call girl but finds herself enjoying this life more than she could have hoped – or feared...

Ten years after the first American Pie movie, three new hapless virgins discover the Bible hidden in the school library at East Great Falls High.

I have persuaded Guy that he and I need to get some counselling support together. We talked about William, and what the trauma and loss had meant to both of us.

We decided that the way forward should be that we would tell Will that he should not come to the house for three months.

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