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The Huari shared a religion and iconography with the Tiwanaku, but were socio-economically separate. Curiously though, at the same time, urban centers are starting to pop-up on the northern coast of Peru, at the sites of future cities such as Chan Chan, Pacatnamú, and others.The kingdom of the Chimu, was the first mega-state in Peru, before the establishment of the Inca Empire.Like the Moche before them, the Huari were a warrior society that appreciated fine artistry and design.Coastal Huari cultures produced textiles of the highest quality.Analysis of the hair and human bones from the mummies indicates that about 90 percent of their diet existed of maritime food sources, with the remaining 10 percent of their food from terrestrial animals and plants.

The Chinchorro culture of South America was a preceramic culture that lasted from (7,000 to 1,500 B. The people forming the Chinchorro culture were sedentary fishermen inhabiting the Pacific coastal region of current northern Chile and southern Peru.

Chan Chan, now largely destroyed, once produced a spectacular array of artistic works such as gold jewelry, feather mantles, great textiles, and considerable work in wood and clay.

The arid climate has preserved more art from the Chimú region than from most others.

Their lifestyle was predominantly supported by fish, shellfish and sea mammals.

There are some large coastal middens that have been excavated.

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