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Unusual Credit Style: In the closing credits, there are numerous entries for co-producers & other "producer" positions that list both husband & wife for each credit entry, such as "Jack & Jill Jones". One such co-producer is listed as "The Ross Family".

It is rare that credits are given in groupings of families. See more » As I suspected from its origins, this film is uninspired, unoriginal, and mostly humorless.

Nós sempre ficamos ali mais confortáveis no Marrom e Preto , quando podemos usar outros tons que ficam mais lindos ainda . Se joga na cor Diva , você certamente vai arrasar !

I recommend that you skip this film, no matter the age of your children.

Instead see a classic: rent Pinocchio, MGM's "Wizard of Oz," or Disney's "Mary Poppins" each of which has the heart that this film lacks.

The allegation came after three videos purportedly of Mr Amiri emerged - the first said he had been kidnapped, the second that he was living freely in Arizona, and the third that he had escaped from his captors. u • • • ferreira A missing Iranian nuclear scientist, who Tehran says was kidnapped a year ago by the CIA, has taken refuge in the Iran section of Pakistan's US embassy.

A spokesman from Pakistan's Foreign Office, Abdul Basit, told the BBC that Shahram Amiri was seeking immediate repatriation to Iran.

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