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Dies are the metal plates that have the impression to be embossed engraved or etched out of them.Die can also refer to the male counterpart to the female emboss die, however these are usually referred to as counterdie (for plastic and metal) and make-ready for paper.Moreover, a magnesium die can be destroyed with a single misfeed in the stamping machine.Copper dies are stronger than magnesium and will last for far more impressions.This is both the most common and the cheapest of all embossing dies.The process for creating the die is identical to creating a foil die except that the image is inverted.

Emboss can be used by itself or together with foil, coatings or printing.

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Elke zeef wordt optisch gemeten en voorzien van een productiecertificaat voor uitlevering.

Embossing is simply raising the surface of your design so that it has some depth.

It’s the real world equivalent to bevel effects and likely derives from relief sculptures—resembling most closely the bas-relief where the depth is perceived as a lot more than is actually there.

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Embossing is done by pressing a sheet of paper (or other substrate) into a female die, that has a design engraved or etched into it.

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