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Not until the 18th century is there record of the presence of Mennonite immigrants, who settled on the large estates as renters.

In 1755 Pforzheim reported to the authorities of the margraviate that there had been no Anabaptists in the area except on the leased estates of Katharinental (Katharinentalerhof, Göbrichen community) and Karlshausen (Karlshäuserhof, community of Dürrn).

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The Mennonite lessees Jakob Kurz at Katharinental and Claus Brennemann at Karlshausen in 1763 received permission to live there the remainder of their lives when the authorities of the margraviate took over the management of its estates.

In the 1950s the Mennonites living in Pforzheim belonged to the congregation of Wössingen, located in the district of Karlsruhe.

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