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Death has a funny way of making daily life feel inconsequential and meaningless.

But, if you want to start over and be a happy, fulfilled woman in your 60s, you need to figure what will make the rest of your life the best of your life.

These writers know how you feel; they are women who have experienced sudden loss and unexpected grief.

This book is like a rock-steady anchor that will help you weather the storm of pain and begin to rebuild your life.

Recognize that holidays and special occasions will be different from now on.

You might also find grief support groups to be helpful as well – especially if you live alone or spend a great deal of time on your own.

A support group can offer in-person comfort and connection through the grieving process, and you may meet other women who know exactly how it feels to start over as a widow.

This can lead to anxiety and avoidance, which may prolong the healing process.

If the holidays are approaching – or an anniversary or birthday – your grief may intensify.

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