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DIE HARD 2 Written by Doug Richardson Revisions by Steven E. Hate it myself- (turning to tow guy) Hey, that's a plastic fender, Jesus- (back to cop) See, I used to be a New York cop still got my ID somewhere -I only moved 'cause my wife got promoted - look, maybe we can settle this right here, we're in Washington, heartbeat of Democracy, one hand washes the other He realizes the truck is DRIVING AWAY one way while the cop is i going off the other way - Mc Clane votes for the cop - MCCLANE Hey, c'mon, it's Christmas - COP So Ask Santa to bring you another car. They syncronize their watches, and then Mi l1e leaves the bar. He walks right past Mc Clane, who doesn't notice him. 53 54 NEW ANGLE - 20 FEET UP 54 The conduit BREAKS FREE from its molly bolts, but doesn't drop -and three feet away the guy SCREAMS and then his neck SNAPS and his body TWITCHES AND JERKS and the machinery JAMS, smoking- 17 55 MCCLANE 55 WINCES as blood SPLATTERS - and then REACTS as the 20 foot tall conduit pipe CREAKS, BENDS-TOPPLES- he RIDES IT DOWN- CUT TO: 56 INT. Your episode "Flying junkyards" was a very objective look at air safety. VIRGINIA CHURCH - DAY 65 BAKER guards the rear door with an ASSAULT RIFLE. KAHN and B� are DIGGING in theme y rd with pickaxes and hardly 0o at him.

43 BACK TO SCENE 43 Dropping his'wallet, Mc Clane JUMPS aside as SHOTS WHIZZ PAST -Mc Clane's COAT takes the BULLET HITS in MID AIR as he LANDS on a conveyor belt, which CARRIES him UP and OVER the gunmen. CONTINUED 16 (X) 46 CONTINUED - 46 J Mc Clane steps in, punches Miller - gets HIT hard himself -both ROLL OVER onto the new belt. Mc Clane LEAPS like Tarzan to the BOTTOM of the i , empty "return" belt - the momentum swings him right towards Cochrane, who FIRES once more before Mc Clane's KICK nearly toc e stf'his head - he loses the gun, but Jesus, these guys are tough and now Cochrane LEAPS UP and grabs Mc Clane's belt and clothes and they're both hanging -suddenly they're both too damn high to get off! (drawing a PISTOL) But the penalty could be severe. AIRPORT POLICE OFFICE--DAY 67 Mc Clane comes in, first double taking the name on the door: CARMINE LORENZO, CAPTAIN OF AIRPORT POLICE. You think that LA badge is gonna get you a free lunch (X) or something down here? MCCLANE (inking the guy's fingers) Didn't you ever have an airport stiff I before? He presses the fingers against the paper, checks them.

CONTINUED 27 (X) 76 CONTINUED - (2) 76 POWELL Airport, huh? HOLLY'S PLANE 77 The nice stewardess comes over to Holly, takes her glass. CAPTAIN'S VOICE (OVER PA) Ladies and Gentlemen, I've just been informed by Dulles traffic control that a new weather front is moving in ahead of us.

MCCLANE The FAX number is uh - GIRL -on the top edge of the transmission he just got - MCCLANE (AUTHORATIVELY) -on the top edge of your transmission. (INDICATING THORNBERG) I only have to look at his face for fifteen more minutes.

MCCLANE If it's more than a dollar eighty nine, yeah - LORENZO (SHARP) Mc Clane, don't start believing your press. CONTINUED 23 F� 67 CONTINUED - (2) 67 LORENZO Now get the hell out of my office before I have you thrown out of my airport! (X) and casually examines the military chronometer on his handcuffed (X) wrist. Now we SEE that the church is full of ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: In fact, it looks very much like a mini-version of an airport control tower, complete with radar screens and a big glass board to mark positions on.

Immediately two burly AIRPORT COPS appear in the doorway. Looking astonishingly carefree, (X) he smiles at the young CORPORAL guarding him, puffs on a cigar... VIRGINIA CHURCH 73 WIDEN from Stuart's Huer, showing the exact same time.

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The gun DROPS onto a conveyor belt, FIRES - then moves away, obscured by moving luggage. MCCLANE (SHOWING BADGE) I'm the one who - LORENZO Yeah, I know. CONTINUED 24 CONTINUED - 70 MORGUE WORKER What're you doing?

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