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However, giving you product a colour is purely optional.It will not affect the quality of your product if you do not add it. If you choose a charming one, your product will quickly draw in customers and help you to generate massive sales, profits and maximum returns on your investment and business.Take a look below and see the basic chemical inputs and their appropriate quantities required for the making of the liquid air freshener: • 2 Tablespoonfuls of the 'Pack R' thickener • 1 Bottle of alcohol • 1 Bottle of industrial perfume • 2 Litres of water • Sufficient quantity of colourants You can get these ingredients without stress from a big market in your area and store them safely in a separate room to avoid the risks of using them as an edible or having some of them get in contact with the skin.They can be very harmful to the human life and properties too.The liquid air freshener is produced by a combination of industrial perfume, alcohol and the fermented 'Pack R' which serves as the thickener.Now, let me walk you through the right steps of producing your liquid air freshener and sell it to make your money from now henceforth.

Before the production day, soak your 2 tablespoonfuls of the 'Pack R' thickening agent into a basis containing 2 litres of water.Also, I welcome your questions, suggestions and views.So share them her using the comment box placed below for quick consideration, attention, replies, responses, assistance and support from me and other informed readers. Fresheners are one of the best ways to keep car interior pleasant smelling at all times. While some people know the Liquid Air Freshener as Deodorant, many others call it an odour control substance.

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