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This is important because memories are short especially for sheep and BS artists.

Here in Wah train service so reliable meh between 20?

de Barthélémy (dans bibliothèque de l’école des chartes, année 1872, volume 33, numéro 1, pages 443 à 454) on ne trouve nullement cette mention, ce dernier n’ayant fait aucune hypothèse pour cette dénomination.

Les Templiers et même les Hospitaliers sont l’objet d’une telle curiosité et nimbés d’un tel mystère que nos historiens amateurs veulent découvrir leurs traces dans toutes les communes ou recoins de leur territoire.

sérieuse fut réalisée par Anatole de Barthélémy (Bibliothèque de l’école des chartes, tome 33, pages 443 à 454,1872) ; nous trouvons ensuite celle de Guillotin de Corson qui reprend presque intégralement celle de et ne couvre donc pas la totalité des lieux mentionnés dans les chartes de Conan IV.

Elle a été engagée suite à la découverte, aux archives départementales des Côtes-d’Armor, de documents à priori inéditsla transcription qu’en a fait et G. Il faut cependant noter que ce dernier attribue cette interprétation à Paul de la Bigne Villeneuve (dans le bulletin de l’Association Bretonne classe d’archéologie, IV,192Diverses recherches m’amènent à conclure que les choix faits par Guillotin de Corson, Paul de la Bigne Villeneuve ont pour origine une homonymie.

“Under the guidance of Mr Seah and our board, SMRT remains focused on delivering key initiatives such as asset renewal efforts, while it continues its multi-year effort to strengthen management, operations and maintenance teams, and build robust engineering and operational capabilities for future needs,” SMRT said.

These scores can be used to blacklist citizens from loans, jobs and air two rail operators are required to inform passengers of any delay exceeding 10 minutes, via regular announcements within stations and on board trains.Ah Cynical, it’s always interesting to read how you like to whitewash the truth isn’t it? Perhaps you aren’t a regular user of the trains and have never been caught in a disruption?What about the frequent disruptions faced by commuters every other month since he took over, all that magically doesn’t count ah?Things only started going wrong after some trainees died in an avoidable accident in March 2016.There was a real problem on 25 April 2016 affecting the North -South and East-West lines, parts of the Circle Line, and the Bukit Panjang LRT Then this year there were the October flooded tunnels and then the 15 November train crash. Maybe ex SMRT director Hali, now president (#notmypresident protest and me), can recommend one?

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(cont’d) Chairman of SMRT Corporation and SMRT Trains Seah Moon Ming bowed and apologised to the public for the underground flooding incident along the North-South Line (NSL) on Oct 7-8 that resulted in a 20-hour disruption.

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